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Brides Only

Tips just for you, on your day


Book the photographer next. 

Photographers usually book up a year in advance. Once you've set a date, find the photographer that fits your style.


Hire a Coordinator

They save you money and allow each of the other vendors to focus solely on their jobs, creating a better wedding experience for you.

Have one fun Vendor

Photo booths

Hot dog stands


Game rentals


Don't forget the bridal party gifts

Jewelry, watches, mugs, and flasks are classics. Socks, monogrammed robes, and totes are some more modern choices. 


Wedding Favors

Glasses, koozies, soaps, and now even hand sanitizers are on the list. To thank those that love you for joining you on your special day. 


Go Unplugged

You won't regret having an unplugged ceremony. Experience you day through your eyes not your phone, and have your guest do the same. 

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